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Car Sales Jobs in Arlington, TX

If you are the kind of person whose passion for cars and a sales career is unending, you deserve to be on our team. Our sales team is currently looking for a knowledgeable sales representative to assist in the sales of vehicles. With the love for cars that you have, working with us is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the automotive industry, as well as, a chance to learn what you didn't know about the business.


2019 Toyota Corolla Model Review

The Toyota Corolla hatchback comes standard with the latest 2.0L Dynamic Force engine which outputs 186 horsepower. The chrome tailpipe diffuser and 18-inch wheels are available as added options for customers who want a more sporty appearance for their vehicle. The new hatchback features an aggressive front splitter and headlights with crisp, sharp angles. The 2019 Toyota Corolla is lighter and lower to the ground than the previous year model, which adds additional stability.


Something Exciting This Way Comes To Corolla in 2019

Until recently, news about the 2019 Toyota Corolla was relatively low-key. That's not to say that folks were anxiously awaiting news about the newest Corolla, but that thus far, not much news had surfaced. All of that changed with the announcement that the new 2019 Corolla will feature a 6-speed MANUAL transmission. You read that right. It didn't say automatic transmission. It said manual transmission. The Corolla hatchback isn't just going to be a snappy little go-getter in terms of design and interior. It's going to be a much more exhilarating ride now that folks know they're getting their hands on a sporty manual transmission.